Micro Pigmentation and Saline Removal Services

What is Micro Pigmentation?
Micro Pigmentation, or semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup, makeup tattoo – are all the same thing. Pigment is implanted in the epidermis of the skin, near the dermis, to provide a long lasting, waterproof, smudge proof form of makeup! During the application, the needles only reach the superficial layers of the skin, therefore lasting 1-3 years. The pigment fades down naturally over time, and you can freshen up every 1-2 years, as per your preference.

Why choose Deyo Studio?
There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect place and PMU artist for you – artistic ability (and sanitation practices, of course!) being at the top of the list. Barbara has been a makeup artist for over 30 years – with an impressive resume, laundry list of certifications and accolades – and a solid, reputable business in Birmingham for over 20 years to back it up. Moving into the permanent makeup industry was a natural progression for her – taking her expert eyebrow shaping and makeup application skills, and applying it to micro-pigmentation!

What do I need to do to prepare prior to my Micro Pigmentation procedure?

  • Chemical exfoliants such as Retinol/Retin-A, glycolic acid, etc. must be discontinued 7 days prior to procedure.
  • Injections (Botox, Radiesse, JuvaDerm, Voluma, etc.) must be done 2 weeks before/after.
  • Deep chemical peels and laser treatments may not be done within 60 days before/after.
  • You cannot expose the area to the sun for 30 days prior to your procedure.
  • Do not schedule this procedure within one week prior to a water vacation.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine 1 day before procedure to minimize any bleeding or swelling.
  • FYI – alcohol and caffeine also interfere with the effectiveness and longevity of the numbing cream, so avoiding it for 24 hours prior is really important to your comfort!
  • Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, fish oil, vitamin E or any other blood thinners 3 days prior to procedure unless medically necessary. *If you are on prescribed blood thinners, please obtain written consent from your doctor.*

What can I expect during my appointment?
All the appropriate paperwork can be downloaded on our website, and should be filled out prior to coming to your appointment if possible. We will have extras on hand if you forget! Be sure to read all the PRE-instructions carefully to make sure you are a good candidate for Micro Pigmentation. Once you arrive, you and your artist will discuss shape, color and expectations for your brows, liner or lips. After your consultation, numbing cream will be applied and will need to sit for 20 minutes for it to process. Once you are numb and ready to go, the application will begin! The entire procedure should take about 2 hours. In 4-8 weeks you will return for your perfecting session (included in the initial cost) and will take about an hour to complete. Please note that this is a 2 step process and it’s normal for pigment to not retain 100% from the initial session. There are many variables that go into this, one being swelling, preventing pigment from depositing. But don’t worry, we are in this together and will make sure you are happy!

What can I expect afterwards?
Immediately after your session, you will have some minor redness and you will be thrilled! The morning after however – it will be DARK! DO NOT PANIC, IT WILL LIGHTEN! The color you will see the day after the procedure will lighten 30-50%! As the epidermis layer heals, sheds and renews, it will undergo many changes during the next few weeks. Please be patient with the process until after this time frame to see your final results. Any imperfections will be addressed at your second session. During the healing process – DO NOT TOUCH! You may experience flaking, dryness and itching. This is just your skin healing. It is normal. Leave it alone and let it go through the healing process. You will go through the same process after the second session, but a more minor version. It’s really not as scary is it may sound, and the healing process will pass quickly and you will be so glad you took the plunge! We like to OVER prepare, and in most cases clients are pleasantly surprised with how easy it was!

Aftercare – Days 1-4, apply after care product (provided) several times a day to keep the cuts protected. Treat it like a wound – you don’t want bacteria getting in. However, it’s important to keep them clean, so if you see dried blood or lymph fluid, you can use a cotton round with warm water to blot. It’s okay to get them wet in the shower, but don’t put your face in the direct stream of water. Wash around your brows. Be careful not to disturb the pigment! Once you see flaking, drop down to morning and night with aftercare product. Discontinue at Day 7. Please do not over saturate, as this can affect pigment retention! No excessive exercise/sweating for 3 days. No scratching, rubbing or picking! This may pull the pigment out or cause scarring. Do not wear any makeup on or near the area for 7 days. Stay out of steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools and the sun for 7 days. Always wear sun block – SPF 15 or higher – when outdoors. A complete list of aftercare instructions is available for download at the bottom of this page, and will be discussed, and an instruction sheet will be given to you at your appointment.

Here is a more detailed view of the healing process:

Day 1 – “I LOVE IT!!!”

Day 2 – “Holy cow that’s dark!! What did I just do!?”

Day 3 – “What’s happening to me?? I’m itchy, and it’s flaking and I don’t like it!” (DO NOT PICK!!)

Days 4-8 – “I made a huge mistake. What was I thinking? It’s all patchy and uneven.” You may have some minor scabbing, flaking, dry skin – this is all normal – do not pick, and let it do its thing.

Week 2 – “Wait, now everything is super light! I didn’t mean that either!” Don’t worry – new skin has formed over and has diffused the newly implanted pigment. Once this naturally sheds, the color will come back! Promise!!

Week 3 – This is the final result! Color will be lighter than the initial application, especially in the case of Lip Blushing. Color, shape and size can be adjusted and boosted at the perfecting session if desired.

Who is NOT a candidate:
You are NOT a candidate for micro-pigmentation if you have/are any of the following:

  • On Accutane or Steroids – must be off for 6 months prior
  • Diabetes type 1, Lupus, Hepatitis type B/C, AIDS, Blood Disorders (Sickle Cell, Hemophilia)
  • Active skin disorders such as Cold sores, Shingles, Impetigo, Psoriasis, Pink eye, sun burn, or severe acne
  • Active Vitiligo
  • Severe Rosacea
  • Keloid formation issues
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • For Lip Blushing – history of cold sores


Microblading/Manual Method – Using a sterile/disposable hand tool, different techniques are used to create hair strokes, as well as incorporating feathering, scoring, and etching to create your unique brow. $600 – one perfecting session included at 4-8 weeks – refresh -$300

Sheer Shade Powder Brows/Machine Method – Using a machine (instead of a hand tool), creating a soft powdery airbrushed brow, to create a filled in shaded look. $600 – one perfecting session included at 4-8 weeks – refresh -$300

Microblade + Sheer Shade Combo Brows – This the by far the most popular procedure! By combining both methods, crisp hair strokes are micro-bladed at the front of the brows, and intermittently throughout, and filling in the body and the tails with the powder method for the most polished look. $650 – one perfecting session included at 4-8 weeks – refresh -$350

Click here for more Micro Pigmentation photos

Lip Blushing – Lip blushing enhances the beauty of the natural lip color – using a shading /pixelating technique, lip blushing evens out lip pigment, and giving the illusion of fullness, creating a beautiful, sheer lip stain that lasts up to 2 years! $600 – one perfecting session included at 4-8 weeks – refresh -$300

Lash Enhancement Eyeliner – Just as it sounds, pigment is applied to the lash line to enhance the eye. Imagine waterproof, smudge proof, cry proof liner that lasts up to 2 years! Top only $400 – one perfecting session included at 4-8 weeks –  refresh $250. Top and bottom (must be done at same appointment) $550 – one perfecting session included at 4-8 weeks –  refresh $300

*All touch up and refresh prices are applicable for original work done by Barbara Deyo.

Saline Tattoo Removal
Sometimes things can go wrong. The shape is off, or too dark, old work can ash or change color over time, or maybe you just want something different. (Or maybe you regret that ankle tattoo when you were 18 – we can fix that too!) Thankfully there is a solution! Li-FT Solution! Li-FT pigment lightning solution is a saline emulsion, applied with a sterile micro-shading hand tool or PMU pen machine (depending on darkness/depth of color) to remove unwanted permanent makeup or small tattoos on the body. It works by osmosis, drawing pigment out of the skin, into a scab, allowing it to fall off naturally, and the unwanted pigment along with it. Li-FT is a non-acid, high concentrate, salt/saline based solution containing: Lemon Seed Extract, Orange Seed Extract and Aloe Vera. LI-FT is one of the safest saline removals in the industry. It is significantly less invasive and less painful than laser removal, and pre-numbing is done at the appointment for ease of comfort.

The healing process: You may experience swelling, redness, bleeding and some more than others.Everybody heals differently. The area can stay pink or discolored for several weeks or on some people it might take a few months for it to completely go away. You will experience some scabbing which is totally normal and is a good sign. The unwanted pigment will be drawn up into the scab so it is important to keep the scab as long as possible. Let it fall off naturally. Full aftercare instructions will be given at the time of the initial appointment.

Removal can take up to 6 sessions, and must be done 6-8 weeks a part, allowing time for the skin to fully heal in between. It depends on how saturated or dark the pigment is, integrity of clients skin, healing history, if titanium is present in the pigment, and how much lightening is desired. Some may need just 1-2 sessions in order to perform new work over it. Most people will see significant lightening after the first treatment, however 3-4 sessions is average. Initial session $250 – follow up appointments $200 per session

Emergency Removal (within 48 hours of an initial procedure) – We have a 24-48 hour possible window after a procedure has been performed before the skin fully forms its epidural crust and we may attempt lightening. $400 first session, follow up appointments $200 per session

*Please note we specialize in eyebrow PMU removal, and small body art tattoos*

Deyo Studio is fully licensed by the Oakland County Health Department and the State of Michigan as a Body Art Facility!

Micro Pigmentation –  aftercare
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