Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush Tanning
The airbrush process uses an ingredient called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) to react with the skin’s amino acids. The reaction is like that of the sun but does not require exposure to ultraviolet light and does not damage the skin. The process results in a golden tan appearance than can last up to 10 days. Click here for sunless tanning tips.


Full Body$60

Things you need to know before getting your spray tan:
*ALL manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, waxing, eyebrow shaping, shaving and/or anything that will remove dead skin and/or require soaking your skin – must be done BEFORE your spray tan – NOT the day after.

*Please refrain from wearing lotions or deodorant to your appointment. We do provide sluff wipes that will remove some products, as well as exfoliate and pH balance the skin, however, it does not remove all of the products, and leftover deodorant can result in your skin turning green. This does shower off, but please be aware this will happen.

*You must bring LOOSE, DARK CLOTHING to wear when you are done with your spray tan. Any excessive friction or binding clothing or footwear will result affect the outcome of the tan.

*You CAN NOT GET WET (this includes sweating, working out, yoga, swimming, running or any other activity that will make you sweat) for 6-8 HOURS AFTER your spray tan.

*Expect the bronzer in the solution to darken and oxidize while it processes. DO NOT PANIC, and do not shower before 6 hours. In our experience, showering before 6 hours results in an extremely light tan. When you shower, the topical solution will come off in the shower, leaving you with a very natural looking tan. We have 4 solutions to choose from, and often custom mix our solutions to get the perfect color for you. **Do not leave solution on your body longer than overnight! We recommend showering in 8 hours, however sleeping in it is fine, but please shower the next morning. Yes, it will get on your sheets, and yes, most likely it will come out in the laundry, but we cannot guarantee that, so please sleep in it at your own risk.

*When you shower: Use SOAP AND WATER AND YOUR HANDS – do not just “rinse” with water, use cleanser, to remove the topical spray. Do not use anything textured or abrasive, such as a washcloth or loofa, etc. – use your hands only. Take a quick shower, with warm (not HOT) water, and PAT DRY with your towel. Do not rub! Maintain this showering practice throughout the duration of your tan.

*Please find the complete list of ingredients to avoid on our “tips sheet” – however, the main ingredients you MUST avoid are: Mineral oil/petroleum based products, chemical exfoliants and acne treatments. These WILL STRIP your tan. Please refer to the “tips sheet” on how medication can affect your tan.