DeyOasis Energy Infused Services

Spiritual Life Coaching/Energy Healing
Spiritual life coaching is a type of holistic therapy that helps one develop a deeper understanding of the cosmic side of themselves. Connecting with your heart, soul/inner being, angels and guides, Barbara will guide you to uncover limiting beliefs, find the root cause of illness, injury and/or disease, discover what may be holding you back and keeping you stuck – whether it be with your health, wealth, love or life’s purpose. With her variety of energy healing modalities, she will help guide you in releasing trauma trapped in the body, promoting healing at a cellular level, tune into and rewire subconscious programming, assist you in activating your intuition, and tapping into source energy, expanding your awareness and consciousness, raising your frequency and energetic set point – all of which allows you to live your most authentic life.

We will customize your experience with a combination of different metaphysical practices such as reiki healing, chakra balancing, guided meditation, light transmission, breathwork, sound therapy, and oracle card readings. As you uncover hidden blocks, and are assisted in releasing old wounds, untangling and releasing old programming, you can allow yourself to surrender and flow in the universal life force energy, available to us all!

Recording of sessions are included. Initial intake forms will be emailed prior to initial appointment, and must submitted for review to prepare for the session. Please note that regular and consistent sessions are recommended for optimum results.

Initial session: 2 ½ hours $375 – Follow up sessions: 2 hours $300 – 90 minutes $225 – 1 hour $150 (please note shorter sessions may not include all modalities due to time constraints)

Virtual Sessions available upon request.

Medical Disclaimer: Clients acknowledge that energy work is not a substitute for medical treatment, and we do not diagnose, cure or prescribe medication.

Reiki/Quantum Healing Session: This includes a combination of Reiki – a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation and prompts the bodies self-healing programs to activate – and chakra balancing, guided meditation, light transmission, breathwork, sound therapy, crystal and essential oils to bring your energetic field into harmony. Please note: there is very little talking in these treatments vs the Spiritual Life coaching session. 1 hour $150 – 90 minutes $225

Personalized Guided Meditations: Barbara’s specialty is her personalized light transmission and meditations and has seen miraculous results from her work. If you would like to commission your own, please submit your primary focus points to Please allow 3-5 business days for Barbara to write and record a personalized mediation and message just for you. A sound file will be sent via email. Meditations are approximately 20-30 minutes – $111

Private Sound Therapy Immersion: Envelop yourself in the powerful healing of sound immersion. The session will begin with a sage clearing of the space and your body, to begin with a clean slate, activating reiki energy and calling in divine assistance. Sound healing is an ancient wellness practice for healing, relaxation, and self-care. A sound healing session involves lying down in a cozy and comfortable setting, closing your eyes, and focusing on sounds made by the instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, rain sticks, rattles, gong, drums and more. Sound vibrations have a powerful effect on our body, mind and energetic set point. Research shows us that sound healing can slow down our brain waves and put our bodies in a very relaxed, dreamlike state. The more you surrender and allow, the more you can release and align. Single practitioner: 1 hour $150 – Double practitioner: 1 hour $250

Private Parties/Group Events – We can curate your perfect event, combining many of the different modalities. Or, if you are looking for a unique place to gather, please contact us and we can discuss all the potential possibilities and provide a quote. We also offer wedding officiant and DJ/hosting services, on and off site! In-studio packages start at $650 – Includes 2-hour studio rental, set up and cleaning fees.

Energy Infused Skin Care Treatments: 

Moving with the energy to find your light – These intentional, energy infused facials are so much more than you can ever imagine. Amplifying the benefits of our other custom facials by incorporating a multitude of healing modalities, taking relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration to the next level – helping you to connect to your inner being, your breath, your heart space and life force, for natural self-healing to occur. 

Embodiment Facial – Amplifying the Replenish Facial, and tapping into your inner being, different energy healing modalities, such as Quantum energy healing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Angel energy healing, guided mediation/light transmission and sound therapy are infused into your facial, taking relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration to the next level. 90 minutes $275

Empowerment Facial – Includes Embodiment facial (see description above) + micro needling of face/neck – 2 hours $550. Add décolleté and firming treatment – 2 hours 15 min $650

Enlightenment Facial – Includes Empowerment Facial + RF treatment of the face/jowls/neck equaling a magical transformation from the inside out! 2 ½ hours $695 – Add décolleté and firming treatment 3 hours $795